Safe Cities for Women Protection (Pre-hack)

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It was just this Saturday when I went with a friend to a pre-hack event (events that discusses the things to be done in the upcoming hackathon).

Pre-hack events on a separate day are rare, in any case, since most of the things discussed here such as seminars, discussions, rules and regulations are usually done on the same day as the hack itself (usually in the morning). This gives us more time to prepare and hopefully do a better job on the main hack event itself.

The event is organized and sponsored by UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative. The goal is to make an application that would help women feel more safe and secured in the city (hence the catchphrase Smart Cities). There were also several other sponsors (will provide more details regarding the sponsors in the upcoming blog). Needless to say, the event is well-funded.

smartcitiesCaption: Ms. Kate Ramil talks about the importance of women safety and protection, as well as several already-existing applications that helps do this.

There has already been several apps developed in previous hackathons that tackles women’s safety in particular. Some of these apps that were developed includes Waze-like functionalities (where you would tag a particular location whether there were any malignant cases of sexual harassment such as catcalling and/or groping), and one that detects shaking in order to send emergency notifications to loved ones as well as local authorities in case of emergencies (it required a special shake in order to trigger just to clarify).

Obviously we would need to come up with something more original aside from the apps mentioned above. We already have an idea on what to build. Hopefully our executions are spot on any we won’t have much problems in the day of the hack itself.

I also need to make preparations for the hack such as preparing development tools that will be used as well as making some snippet codes for the hack (more on this on the Developer Notes that I’ll be writing in a short while – after preparations of course).

Caption: Guest speakers from both Chikka as well as HERE Maps discusses their services that could help in the upcoming hackathon.

The event also included guest speakers from Chikka, HERE Maps and Open Data Philippines. For those unfamiliar, Chikka is an web-based messaging platform that can be used to send free SMS to any mobile numbers in the Philippines, HERE maps an online mapping service and Open Data Philippines, which was responsible for the development of (a website that provides open data from the government for transparency purposes).

This only serves as a short introduction on what is to come in the upcoming hack event this Saturday. Stay tuned for more info 🙂


[Update: May 21, 2016]: Because the lead of our team won’t be able to participate to the event we have decided to forfeit this hack 🙁 . Unfortunate since we were looking forward to the event, but that’s just how it goes…

Will just have to make use of this opportunity to review and write more stuff 🙂 .