Apps for Productivity and Organization

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The idea to write this came last Saturday when I attended a financing seminar (since I’m into money investing, which I would recommend). Productivity, and organizing it, has always been a great concern to many, especially now in this very busy world.

And while there’s nothing wrong with using a traditional pen and planner, it might be more practical for some to use smartphone apps, since we always carry one nowadays.

But with the huge array of apps out there, its easy to get lost, especially for the average user. I’m here to bridge that gap and recommend some of the best applications out there for productivity, both for iPhone and Android smartphones.

1. Note taking apps

The ability to create notes, whether detailed or on-the-fly, at its core, is probably one of the most important organization tools that we could have in our smartphones.

And manufacturers knows this, that’s why for both Android and iOS devices a note-taking application is more than likely pre-installed into the device already.

For vanilla Android smartphones, most likely Google Keep will be the default note-taking app. Available in both iOS and Android smartphones if not yet installed, as well as an Chrome extension or web application, Keep offers a very simplistic, yet powerful note taking abilities.

Aside from creating notes, it is also capable of making to-do-lists, image annotations and reminders, making it also a perfect all-in-one organizational tool if you prefer to keep things simple.

Google Keep is available for both Android and iOS users

If you don’t fancy Google’s note taking app for some reason, similar alternatives would be the Evernote app and OneNote app from Microsoft. Both of these apps are also available though multiple devices (Android, iOS, webapp) while also providing the same powerful features as Keep.

Although from my own usage, Keep provides a much simpler user experience; I would also recommend checking out alternatives to find out what suits your needs the best.

2. To-do list apps

We live in a very busy world, and how often it is that we need to log our to-do activities somewhere in order for us to remember all of them?

And whilst the functionality of making to-do list exists in the note-making applications mentioned above, it is often a good idea to have a separate application that specializes in making one rather that have them together with your notes.

Todoist is available in multitude of devices; It has applications available both for iOS and Android devices, both on smartphones and smartwatches, as well as on Windows, OS X and in the web browser. Todoist will let you access your list whatever device you are using.

And writing tasks is also very straightforward. Just click on Add new Task and write what you need to do.

Todoist application for Android and Windows PC. An iOS and OSX version is also available for iPhone and Mac users

As you have noticed above, you don’t even have to set the schedule separately as long as the date and time is mentioned in the tasks. The schedule can also be set manually if you prefer, or if the schedule wasn’t mentioned in the task. By default it will be set to today when not assigned.

But the application isn’t perfect; First, a plethora of functionalities are only available via premium subscription such as setting reminders, file uploads and labels. For for its bare functionality, it should be plentiful for the average user.

But in case you need it, premium subscription costs around 1365 Php/Year (or around 30 USD/Year). Other popular alternatives are Wunderlist and Trello, which offers similar functionalities as Todoist.

3. Financing and logs

Ever wondered why you paycheck suddenly goes poof ? If so, maybe a financing app is just what you need to keep expenditures in check.

Mobills is an application that lets you do just that. Available for both Android, iOS and even Windows Phone devices, this app will let you log income and expenditures that you transact, and lets you view this transactions in a statistical matter.

mobillsMobills app on an Android tablet

Mobills will also let you set budgets for the month, add multiple accounts to transact with, and even credit cards to support its invoice.

4. Daily Routine Apps

Need a constant reminder when to take out the trash? Or when to do the groceries? Even when to sleep? If your that type of person that wants to have constant notifications when to do stuff without the need to always create a task then TimeTune may just be what you are looking for.

Only available for Android devices at the moment, this app lets you set routines, with the option of setting up reminders when the routine time comes.

TimeTune not only sets routines, but also lets you see the statistics behind each routine

Statistics on the time taken for each task can also be viewed. Likewise, multiple routines can be toggled, depending on your personal necessity.

Unfortunately the application does not seem to be available in either iOS or web app. Given the young age of the application, as well as the popularity of iPhone devices, it may be optimistic to expect one someday.

So what do you guys think? Ready to give digital organization a try?

If so, then I sincerely hope that this article helped you on getting started in your path to make your smartphone more productive.

Cheers to everyone 🙂