Foresthack: A student hack for the environment

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Hackathons has always been a welcome sight in our community. It gives almost any individual or team the opportunity to showcase their skills, create innovative products and possibly even kickstart their creations in the market.

IDC Environment and Livelihood Development Foundation (ELDF) together with the Society of Filipino Foresters, Inc. (SFFI) and 8Layers Technology coordinates with each other to organize Foresthack2016 – the very first forest hackathon in the country.

Rainforests has been an integral part in our country’s ecosystem. However, with recent events like the forest fire in Mt. Apo just this March/April 2016, not to mention the persistence of activities such as illegal logging and mining constantly harming our environment, an initiative to provide a scalable solution has never been more important, and Foresthack2016 aims to provide just that.

Open to all students, Foresthack2016 aims to empower these aspiring young innovators to provide a solution on their own, in the hopes that their creations will one day help preserve and take care for our rainforests.

As a prerequisite of the hack, Foresthack2016 shall focus on mobile apps for information collection tools and sharing platforms that promote participatory forestry, in order to provide solutions that aims to raise environmental awareness, promote forestry volunteerism and provide helpful data statistics that could help our environment.

Interested teams may register one the link provided here. Teams are also required to attend the pre-hack  on August 13. Pre-hacks are events that takes place before the actual hackathon, usually done to discuss the main event’s itineraries and rules.

And worry not if you’re no longer a student, or even a developer; as I’ve previously preached, hackathons are not just for developers and geeks; it is for everyone who hopes to provide a solution, one which aims to help our rainforests in this case.

So spread the info, raise awareness to the event by sharing through the social media about #ForestHack2016 #OurForestsOurFuture. You can share and check out more about the event on the following links given below: