First Post and Introduction

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First of all, a BIG thank you for visiting my blog/site. For this first post I would like give you a short introduction about myself and information on future blog contents to come.

My full name is Syd Evangelista, a graduate of BS Computer Engineering at Adamson University and currently a professional developer. My primary point of interest lies within technology, and that’s where the center focus of my blog content will be.

There’s so much stuff to talk about technology, so many things going on that its easy to get lost. Here are some of the things that I will be focusing into:

1. Gadgets (Smartphones, Laptops, Cameras etc.)


We now live in a world where these gadgets play a vital role in our everyday lives. From the smartphone that we use, or to that laptop that you have, most of us now depends on these gadgets for each of our own individual needs.

Yet surprisingly, very few of us know in-depth details regarding these gadgets that we often use. Some key examples are – what other useful functionalities you can do in your smartphone aside from using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? How do you justify the purchase of a $1000+ macbook/laptop? What are the key advantages of using OS X from Windows (and vice-versa)? What is the adherent benefit of using a smartwatch?

These are just tip of the iceberg questions that I could come up right now, are I’m sure there are lots more. But in general for gadgets, I’ll focus on writing gadget reviews, comparisons and even lifehacks you may hopefully find useful when using these devices.

2. Internet-of-things


There’s so much more to technology than just smartphones and laptops. Ever heard of a Raspberry Pi? How about those quadcopter droids? Have you seen someone flying one of these things?

And if you’re keeping trend on the latest innovations and technology, you should know that virtual reality is now a thing of the present. These things, these latest innovations not necessarily aimed for the general consumer are called as Internet-of-things.

Even smartphones and laptops can be considered an IoT before they became mainstream. And you can bet that I’ll be writing stuff about these things as often as I could.

3. Hackathons

10616371_807283869318335_4687945881962645210_n.jpgCaption:  AT&T Philippines Developer Program way back in late-2014. Image courtesy by  AT&T Developer Program. I of course with my team was one of the participants in these particular hackathon.

Hackathons serves as a solace for people like me who loves technology; these events are a place where we can make use of new technologies to create and innovate products, a place of gathering to learn new things all-technology related and meet new people just like us, and a place with lots of food (usually) to make sure we will not be getting hungry on that day 🙂 .

Yes, hackathons are basically  developer conferences where we use our skills to make products in a limited amount of time. Contrary to its name, hackathons usually does not involve any hacking (but it can be a theme – so its possible).

The idea is to innovate great ideas and basically turn them into reality. Of course, products created and developed will be judged and there will also be prices and benefits for the winning teams.

There are no losers in attending events like these; even if your creation was not chosen by the judges you still get the benefit of enjoying development and learning new things along the way. These places are also looming with big-time professionals, from fellow developers to company owners and even investors. So coming to these events are a win-win situation for everyone.

And lastly hackathons are not just for developers. Products innovated here are usually targeted to regular consumers – to the community. There are other stuff that can be done here such as photography, journalism, and even learning how to code. The only real requirement in attending hackathons are your interest in joining one. And to help you with that I’ll be sharing my experiences of these events in this blog.

. . .

And there you have it. There are still so much more that I’d like to share but in general, the focus of upcoming blogs and articles will be on these 3 aspects.

My only wish is that reading this blog peaked your interest in learning more about technology and what it can offer to your life. If it did, stay tuned as I will be writing more in the foreseeable future.

And thank you, unanimous user for reading my long arse first blog post. To commemorate this historic event is here an image of Leo with his first Oscar.


Cheers 🙂