Great gadgets to get this 2017

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Welcome 2017!

A new year, new me – right?

While unfulfilled yearly resolutions are as common as it can get, there are those that take changing themselves (for the better) far more seriously – whether it be by beginning workouts, choosing a more active lifestyle, and/or learning new skillset.

To help those serious enough in keeping their yearly commitments, or for those that are just looking for a new hobby or two this year, here are some great and useful devices that you can invest on early in the year.

1. (Wireless) Sport Headphones

For: Joggers who wishes for a tangle-free and convenient listening experience; iPhone 7 users

Now ain’t that a nice new year’s resolution: To remove your holiday bulk by beginning to exercise, whether it be by jogging in the park or hitting the gym.

Unfortunately, its also easily the most broken resolution made yearly. Beginning an active and healthy lifestyle is difficult – especially at first.

To ease this difficulty, most people turn to music for inspiration. The problem is those wired earbuds that you have makes doing this so damn difficult; Keeping them at your ears while running or hitting the weights is an entirely different challenge altogether.

So why not invest in an wireless sport headphones? What better time than now, fresh from the year and that damn audio port from the iPhone missing (which other manufacturers might soon follow..).

Wireless sport headphones are not cheap; A good quality headset will cost you around 5-10k (depending on brand and model). But properly taken care of and these devices should last you a really long time – justifying the cost warranted.

To you start of, here are my personal recommendations for sport headphones based on online reviews, brand and cost:

– Jaybird Freedom F5
– Jaybird X3
– Bose Soundsport Wireless
– Under Armour Sport Wireless

2. Action Cameras

For: Aspiring travelers, backpackers, mountaineers and adventure-seekers

We’re blessed; There’s so much adventure that you can do here in the Philippines:  So many mountains to climb, beaches to surf and places to travel.

What better way to begin your adventures this 2017 by getting your very first action-camera?

So for those who wishes for a more action-packed year, its a no-brainer to get one of these devices to capture your adventures.

And luckily for us consumers, there’s now also plenty of options to choose from – so we’re not stuck at getting GoPro’s.

Here’s a list of my personal recommendations should you wish to get your very first action-camera:

– SJCAM SJ5000/SJ4000
– Polaroid Cube+

3. Entry-level DSLR Cameras

For: Aspiring photographers; those who wish to learn a new skill this year

Make no mistake: photography is a well-sought skill that demands great technical prowess. Yet even the best photographers out there today started from somewhere, correct?

So for those who wishes to step-up their photography and/or videography game, whether for professional reasons or as a hobby, a DSLR would make for a great investment early this year (moreso since summer is just a few months away from now).

Since a professional-grade DSLR will cost you an arm and a leg, it makes more sense to start small and get a basic DLSR camera to start things off (you can always sell and upgrade later when you deem it necessary).

For entry-level DSLR cameras, you can’t go wrong with either series from both Nikon and Casio. Get DSLR model based on your price range from either series:

– Nikon D Series
– Canon EOS Series

4. Electronic Keyboards

For: Aspiring virtuoso; those who wishes to learn how to play the piano

Need a bucket-list to complete this year? Try learning how to play the piano – a timeless piece of musical instrument known for its class and elegance.

Obviously getting an acoustic piano is likely out of the question for an amateur (an expensive investment). So we’ll settle for the next best thing – an electronic keyboard.

These devices are more versatile: They’re portable, has different models based on price ranges, and most are compatible with useful software such as Synthesia.

I myself do not know yet how to play the piano, but its part of my bucket list to achieve sometime in the future – when I can freely afford to invest in one.

Electronic keyboards (at least the good ones) are not cheap. A personal recommendation would be to opt for the 88-key keyboards (similar to acoustic ones) to better familiarize yourself in playing a piano with complete keys.

Here are some top keyboards manufacturers that I can recommend based on brand reputation and product offerings:

– Yamaha
– Casio
– Kurzweil
– Roland
– Korg

5. Drones

For: Enthusiast/Hobbyist, Aerial photography/videography

Drones? You mean those mini-copter devices that flies around – like a toy?

Yes, those are the ones. But don’t dismiss these gadgets as just toys for gimmick. These devices offers you with a lot of potential.

First – Aerial Photography. Just think of how cool it would be to take photos and videos from the sky – a feat you can only do before when you’re somewhere in high altitude (plane, building or a mountain).

Second – Racing. Not all drones are built to take just aerial photos. There are also some which is used for racing which have front-facing cameras. Like all things piloted, there’s also art in maneuvering a drone – and there’s plenty of video out there that proves this point.

Third and last – Electronics. Did you know that you can built your own drone? There are now plenty of guides out there in the internet on how you can built your own flying quadcopter. With the right amount of enthusiasm, this surely will make for a great new hobby.

Convinced getting a drone is for you this year? Here are my personal recommendations for a commercial drone, based on reviews, brand and price:

– DJI Phantom 4/3 Series (Photography)
– DJI Mavic (Photography)
– Parrot Bebop (Photography)
– Hubsan X4 (Racing)
– DiY Stores in Philippines (from

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